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You can call me Joosep or Junyan, With a humble background of 10+ years dedicated to web full stack development in PHP and Node.js, I've learned how to think like a product owner and create impressive enterprise projects. Over the years, I've kept up with the changing technology and improved my skills to stay up-to-date. If you seek a full-stack developer who can gracefully transform your visions into tangible reality and perhaps even inspire a touch of envy in your competitors, I would be honored to be considered for the role.


--- BACK-END ---

  • Nodejs with Javascript, Typescript with Nest.js and Express - 4yrs
  • PHP (Laravel, Symfony, Yii2, WordPress) - 8yrs
  • Golang(GORM, Sqlc, Gin) -2yrs

--- FRONT-END ---

  • React - 4yrs
  • Vue - 2yrs
  • HTML / CSS / Swift

--- OTHER ---

  • DB: Mysql / MariaDB / PostgreSQL / MongoDB
  • Shopify application, plus and extensions / WooCommerce extension development (built enterprise products)
  • Microservices with Lavarel and Nest
  • AWS, Gitlab, Github, CI/CD with automated tests (pipeline)
  • Docker, Jenkins, Linux, Microsoft Server (with MCSE)
  • Grafana, Kibana
  • IoT programming (Arduino, STC51)

--- LEARNING ---

  • AI, Tensorflow and Python
  • DApp dev, Solidity, Smart Contracts, Crypto, NFT

--- AGILE ---
Scrum, JIRA, Confluence, Pipedrive's Tribe/LaunchPad/Mission.



  • Passport strategy for Apple Login in Nestjs: 
  • Formcat – Auto-generate the client-side validation in Smarty. 

=== HOBBIES ===
As for my hobbies, I thoroughly enjoy singing, capturing precious moments through photography and videography, and continuously learning something new, Additionally, I like travel and I am a writer for Dev Genius.

I'm such a fan of Estonia that I dream of making it my lifelong home. My current Eesti keel level is A2, but I am learning "Eesti keel" and my goal is to reach B2 level. Currently, I'm considering remote work options if it's not in Estonia.